Basirat Exhibition on the sidelines of ‎‏17‏th Velayat Project

As the representative of the families of Iranian terror victims, Habilian Association held Basirat ‎Exhibition on the sideline of the ‎‏17‏th Velayat Project in Imam Reza Mosque in the Ferdowsi University ‎of Mashhad.

The visitors were provided with new and old forms of Hypocrisy, Mujahedin-e Khalq’s long history of ‎violence and terror, internal relations and human rights violations within the cult of Rajavi, as well as ‎the analysis of Green hypocrisy (Sedition Movement) and eclectic thoughts of this movement’s ‎leaders.‎

Complex brainwashing methods, ideological revolution, in which MEK couples were forced to divorce, ‎forced self-immolations, MEK intelligence-gathering operations on behalf of Israeli Zionists and the ‎United States were amongst the main parts of the exhibition.‎

Along with information on the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq group, some facts were presented about ‎the two perverse sects inimical to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hojjatieh Society and Baha’ism.‎

Foundation of the Hojjatieh Society, intellectual and ideological deviations of the Society’s leaders ‎since it was established in ‎‏1953‏‎, large-scale relations between the sect and SAVAK, financial documents ‎of it, their different types of advertising and recruitment techniques were most important subjects ‎regarding Hojjatieh Society.‎

In ‎‏1950‏s the so-called Hojjatieh Mahdavieh Charity was set up in Tehran ‎under the pretext of fighting ‎with Baha’ism; however, they finally opposed ‎Ayatollah Khomeini. ‎

Following the Imam Khomeini’s speech on July ‎‏12‏‎, ‎‏1983‏‎ in which he warned ‎the group of its ideologies, ‎Hojjatieh sect announced its dissolution through ‎a statement fraught with intellectual and doctrinal ‎disagreements with Imam ‎Khomeini.‎

Although they said they had dissolved their society, they did not put an end to ‎their sinister activities, ‎such as enjoying a simmering enmity with Sunni ‎Muslims, and not believing in the Wali al-Faqih ‎‎(guardianship of a virtuous ‎jurist).‎

Their first and foremost goal is to give a diverted view of Imam Khomeini’s ‎intellectual principles, and ‎then to isolate the theorists and advocates of Islamic ‎Revolution. Another goal of Hojjatieh society is to ‎weaken the clerics by ‎clerics.‎

Recognition of thoughts of Baha’i sect founders, ties between the wayward sect and oppressive ‎regime of Pahlavi, its close relations with Zionists and England, its sincere services to Western ‎intelligence agencies, intellectual and moral deviations of Baha’i sect, and their recruitment techniques ‎were amongst the main subjects of the poster exhibition about the wayward sect of Baha’i.