Denmark holds three members of Alahvazieh group accountable for serving terrorism

The Prosecution service of Denmark held three members of Alahvazieh group accountable for financing and spreading terrorism against Iran.

According to sources, these three people were charged with working with Saudi security services in this field.

Earlier, Danish Security and Intelligence Service announced that it had arrested three members of the group with the charge of espionage for Saudi Arabia.

Intelligence officials of Denmark have said that these people have done espionage acts on Danish people and companies for Saudi Arabia from 2012 to 2018 in Denmark.

German news agency has published the statement of Borch Andersen, the head of the Danish intelligence, in which is written that the arrested people gathered information about people residing inside and outside Denmark, as well as companies, and gave it to Saudi intelligence service.

The separatist terrorist group is active in southern Iran. They claim to defend Arab people but act like Daesh (the ISIS) and stress tribal and religious bigotry. They intend to attack Iran and do acts of terror there to pave the way for weakening the country’s authority.