USA at the top of terrorism in the world

Stating that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and other devoted forces work for the development and greatness of Iran, the President said that the United States and the Zionists hold grudge against the IRGC because it has always been alongside the people and the great flagship of resistance.

Speaking on Tuesday at the ceremony for 13th National Day of Nuclear Technology, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “It was the IRGC that saved the peoples of the region from terrorists”.

Congratulating the birthday of Imam Hussein (PBUH), the President said, “The culture of Imam Hossein (PBUH) has been the main factor of great victories of Muslim nations, especially the great Iranian nation against many conspiracies”.

On the reason for forming the IRGC, he said, “After the victory of the glorious revolution in Iran, many enemies in the region and the world wanted our revolution not to last more than a few weeks and months, so they hatched plots against us, one of which was forming a campaign of terror against the Iranian nation”.

“The enemies of the Revolution formed and trained terrorist groups and sponsored them to kill our people and officials, so that Iran would return to the days when it was under the American domination,” he said.

Dr Rouhani added, “At that time, we needed a pious, devoted corps to stand against the US and guarantee peace and security for Iran”.

He then referred to the 8-year Imposed War with Iraq, adding, “The day our enemies imposed the war on us, announcing that they would have an interview in Iran the next week, all forces, at the top of them the IRGC, stood against the enemies that were armed to the teeth”.

The President also went on to say, “Today, the global imperialism and the US want to show their grudge and hostility by designating a group whose greatest goal has been to fight terrorism as terrorist”.

Stating that a nation who have lost many officials and 17000 innocent people in terrorist acts against it cannot be sponsor of terrorism, he said, “IRGC rooted out terrorists in Iran with their devotion and self-sacrifice. The remaining terrorists fled to Saddam, who are now supported by the US and Zionists”.

“Whenever Iraq and Syria called for our help in fighting terrorists and ISIS, we did not hesitate an hour and the Iranian nation and the IRGC rushed to the help of Iraq and the Iraqi nation the night when Erbil and Suleimani were falling,” he said.

Dr Rouhani added, “The same IRGC that has been fighting terrorism since the first day of its formation and has given many lives in this path, the last of which was the recent incident in Khash-Zahedan road by US mercenaries, is being called terrorist by the enemies of the Iranian nation”.

Raising the question of who are sponsoring and encouraging terrorists today, he said, “The US is not still ready to fight ISIS, and is sheltering their heads, supporting terrorist groups”.

“You use terrorist groups against the peoples of the region, and yet claim to have been fighting terrorism? You are at the top of terrorism in the entire world,” he said.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran added, “What force was it that shot down our passenger plane over the Persian Gulf waters? You have always interfered in regional affairs, working against the people in this region”.

“After shooting down our airliner, you claimed afterwards that you mistook it as an F14 fighter, which is a childish claim. With this terrorist act, you wanted to say that you do not recognise any red lines, and kill women and children. Your message was supporting terrorism in the region”.

He continued, “What goal are you pursuing by the economic sanctions against the Iranian nation? If you claim that you can stop Iran’s progress and nuclear technology development through sanctions, you are gravely mistaken”.

Referring to the unveiling of 114 new achievements in nuclear technology, the President added, “Today’s unveilings clearly tell the enemies of the Iranian nation that they could not, and cannot, stop Iranian nation from developing”.

President Rouhani said, “You were afraid of IR1 centrifuges, today we unveiled IR6, and if you continue to walk down this road, you will see IR8 in the near future”.

He added, “If you want to limit Iran’s military power, you know that we have developed missiles since last year that you wouldn’t even imagine”.

Referring to the latest move by the US administration against the IRGC, he said, “You thought that if you designate IRGC as a terrorist group anybody would accept that from you? Where has the inexperienced administration in the US been successful in the past two years?”

“When announcing sanctions against the Iranian nation, you claimed that Iran would be devastated by summer, extending it to Christmas, February 11, and then the new year. You were, and are always, gravely mistaken,” said Rouhani.

 He added, “You thought that if you speak against the IRGC, divisions would arise or you could reduce its popularity, but from today, IRGC’s popularity with Iranians and the region will rise, and Iran is more integrated than ever against you”.

Dr Rouhani continued, “Today, nobody in Iran supports your treacherous, outrageous government, and if you wanted to stop the Iranian government and state from pursuing its goals through sanctions, dominating Iran and the region, be sure that you are mistaken”.

Today, Iran’s relations with countries of the region is better than before, he said, adding, “Today, we have the best relations with regional and neighbouring countries, except for a couple of countries who are responsible for the lack of relations, and we are ready to have good relations with all regional countries”.

In another part of his speech, Dr Rouhani stressed that the Iran has exercised patience in many affairs until today, adding, “One of the 5+1 members violated all its commitments and proved that it is not trustworthy, therefore, we tell the remaining members that they have to focus on their responsibilities. We have waited and will continue to do so, but our patience has a threshold that if reached, the Iranian government and state may take steps, so think about that day”.

“Our waiting does not come from our weakness, but from our prudence and the interests of the Iranian nation and the region, and we have feat of anybody. Our path is a right one and we hope that others understand that history will judge them, so you live up to your commitments,” said Rouhani.

He went on to appreciate the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran for its efforts and said, “Atomic Energy Organisation proved that US cannot stop Iran’s development”.