Iran condemns ISIL-led terrorist attack in Kabul

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Bahram Ghasemi strongly condemned Thursday attack in Kabul which was launched by ISIL terrorists.

At least six people were killed and 23 others injured after three blasts hit Shia neighborhood of Kabul on Thursday, where people were celebrating Nowruz. On Friday, ISIL claimed responsibility for the terror attack.

Ghasemi censured the terrorist attack and expressed deepest sympathies to Afghan government and nation and to families of victims, wishing swift recovery for those injured.

The culture of Nowruz is a unifying force among the various ethnic groups of regional countries, he said adding, the attack shows that ISIL is unifying elements in the region.

“We are sure that they [ISIL] will not achieve their sinister intentions to create divisions among regional countries,” he stressed.