Iran slams terrorist attack in Egypt

Spokesperson of the Iranian Foreign Ministry has condemned the Friday’s terrorist attack at a mosque in Egypt.

Bahram Ghasemi, Spokesman of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, strongly condemned the barbaric terrorist attack on a place of worship 40km west of the Egyptian city of El Arish.

The official, while sympathizing with families of the victims, asserted that undoubtedly, Takfiri terrorism, which has suffered the most humiliating defeats in the region, would not hesitate to take any ruthless endeavor to reiterate its existence, and it remains the responsibility of regional governments to genuinely and accurately recognize terrorism and to deal seriously and collectively the scourge.

FM Spokesman Ghasemi later urged all nations and governments to be more vigilant about new conspiracies of defeated but bloodthirsty terrorists at the current particular era.

At least 235 people have been killed and scores more injured in a bomb and gun assault on a mosque in Egypt’s north Sinai on Friday, in the deadliest attack in the country in recent memory.