Iran's letter to Mogherini about MKO terrorists

IRAN  - In the Name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate

Her. Excellency Ms. Federica Mogherini

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy




     Due to ongoing crimes and terrorist nature of Monafegheen terrorists (MKO) on the one hand, and freedom of movement of its agents in some European countries, I would like to share some points with you in this regard. Since the glorious Islamic Revolution in 1979 so far, Islamic Republic of Iran has been one of the biggest victims of terrorism both domestic and foreign ones. In the meantime, tens of thousands of innocent people have been martyred or injured by them. Terrorist groups have targeted men, women, children, the old, and scientists.

     Meanwhile, the greatest terrors which are crime against humanity, were conducted by Monafegheen terrorists in Iran. The group since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution started to avenge innocent people by carrying out explosions in populated centers, assassinating officials of the country, attacking people with guns and knives, abduction, torturing people and committing betrayal by being involved in espionage on behalf of the Baath regime of Saddam. It should be noted that out of 17000 of martyrs assassinated in Iran, 12000 of them have been martyred by this terrorist group.

     To introduce this terrorist group, it is enough to say that its highest priority and the main basis for performance is to kill and assassinate those who denied and disagreed with them. This can be evidenced in documents and statements issued by them. There is no doubt that killing and murdering innocent people in unscrupulous ways by planting bombs in civilian areas, is the most obvious and egregious violation of human rights. On the same basis, the agents of this terrorist organization martyred officials, including the president, prime minister, head of the judiciary power, ministers, MPs, prominent clergymen and citizens in a wide scale in 1981. After assassinating the officials, they started murdering innocent people and only between 1982 to 1988, they martyred more than 12000 people that all the names and documents are available. Another crime of this group is treason to the country and espionage for the hostile governments. During the imposed war of Iraq against Iran, this group provided the Baath regime with information on gathering places of Iranian civilians to be targeted by the Iraqi missiles.

     Innocent people of other countries in the region including Iraq and Syria have witnessed this group's crimes as well. After being deployed in Iraq, Monafegheen affiliates in collaboration with Saddam's regime, committed broad crimes against various tribes in this country including the Shiites and Kurds. Only in one of their crimes named " Al-Anfal Campaign" and conducted from February to September 1988 in Kirkuk, Dialeh, Neynava and Salahedin, more than 3000 villages were destroyed and more than 182000 defenseless population of those areas were killed horribly including through burring alive, decapitating, burning and mass shooting. Many countries have recognized this crime as genocide and a resolution has been adopted against it. This terrorist group after the beginning of other terrorist groups' activities in Syria and Iraq since 2011, along with other terrorists in Syria participated in mass killing of Syrians especially in "Daraa" region and also helped training other terrorists.

     Leaders of this criminal group have no mercy on their opponents and killed them brutally and also have had no mercy on their own affiliates and members. By adopting harsh rules, those who violate these rules are being kept in dungeon, executed, emasculated, brutally tortured, and have been separated from their children and spouses for long times. In order to make the female members following the harsh rules, head of this group had the woman undergone hysterectomy, and in an inhuman and immoral action he made some of the women separate from their husbands and forced them to marry him.

      However, unfortunately we are witnessing with such a black history, this terrorist group has had offices in some European countries and despite repeated requests of the Islamic Republic of Iran, its affiliates have traveled freely throughout European countries without any legal proceedings and some of these countries have turned into a safe haven for them.

     Taking into account the immunity granted to this group by the Western countries and rolling out the red carpet for them to participate in the meetings of their parliaments and even providing them with financial assistance, it is unfortunate to see that heads of this criminal and dangerous group have adopted themselves a human rights image and are calling themselves as human right supporters.

     Whit a look at official documents issued by the governmental and security institutions affiliated with Western countries, they have repeatedly acknowledged the terrorist nature of Monafegheenand sanctioned it. For example, in a report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States in 2004, while pointing out that the group is on the list of terrorist groups, said the National Council of Resistance (MKO), considers terrorism as a tool to deal with the Iranian government. District of Columbia Court of Appeals in America in July 2010 also states that the group is training suicide bombing to some of its female forces. Canada put this group on its list of terrorist groups till 2012. European Union until 2009, each year placed the group's name on the list of terrorist groups and before that, a lot of documents and statements were issued by various European countries' officials in recognizing the terrorist nature of the group.

     After suspiciously and politically removing the name of this group from terrorist groups list, unfortunately it is witnessed that some European governmental officials and parliamentarians as well as representatives of the European Parliament while neglecting clear lies of this group in human rights issues and committed crimes, support this group by issuing statements. For instance, we can mention the rally and meeting held by this group in Paris on 9 July 2016 with the presence of some representatives of the parliaments of European countries.

      Lies of this group in defending human rights and opposition to the death penalty can be realized by taking a look at their background as well as the statement issued by the leader of this group in November 2014.  In the statement, he has asked all his followers not only to assassinate Islamic Republic of Iran's officials and their opponents, but also urged them to arrest and kill all of the organization's members who have escaped.

     Having looked at the brief facts that some of them mentioned above, every clean natured and free human beings will seriously think how some of countries that claim to support human rights, can call a group which is responsible for the blood of thousands of innocent women and children, imprisoning and torturing women, taking out the uterus of women and castrating them, forcing woman to divorce and forced marriage, a human rights defender? How this paradox can be explained that countries which are now claiming to fight terrorism in Iraq and Syria, support one of the biggest organized terrorist groups which its hands are stained with blood of thousands of Iraqis and Syrian?

     Expansion of the hardships and dangers of terrorism and its spread to other European countries as well as the negative consequences stemming from it, including refugee crisis that European countries have been grappling, clearly prove the needs for a serious determination to fight terrorism. Adopting double standards towards human rights and instrumental view regarding it, supporting a group that for many years have killed thousands of Iranian people and their hatred is ingrained in the hearts of the people of Iran, is not at all acceptable. Therefore, I would ask your Excellency and other European authorities to take into account the extensive crimes committed by this terrorist group, and take serious measures to prevent the members and supporters of this group from freely operating in Europe and bring the leaders and criminal members of the group to justice and hold them accountable.

     In concluding, in order to know the true nature of this organization and some aspects of the crimes committed by it, I invite your Excellency to refer to attached electronic files.



 Secretary General of the High Council for Human rights