Saudis behind terrorist threats against Iran

(PressTV)- Iran’s security forces have arrested three terrorists and killed another one in the eastern parts of the country. The forces of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry have seized explosive materials from the terrorist cell. Tehran has called on neighboring states to prevent terrorist groups from crossing the joint borders. Press TV has interviewed a commentator to discuss the threat of terrorism against Iran, which comes from outside of the country.

Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm, a journalist and political analyst, says after the Saudi authorities have failed to stop Iran’s influence in the region by using terrorist attacks against its allies, the Saudis resorted to proxy war through dispatching terrorists inside the Islamic Republic to undermine its security.

“The Saudis have changed the pattern when they found out they cannot topple the Iranian allies in the region like Iraq and [President] Bashar al-Assad in Syria. They have been trying hard to strike at Iran itself, because Iran is the only country, which is enjoying security in the region,” Khoshcheshm said, noting that the Saudis are seeking “to spread their influence in the region and to contain Iran.” 

“This (the use of terrorist groups) has intensified since the nuclear deal [between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries] and they have been trying hard to regroup and to create a chain of these terrorist groups,” he said.

He also noted that “they (the Saudis) have been trying hard to provide financial backup, training, arms and logistics for different terrorist groups that have been operating in Iran throughout the last three decades after the Revolution."

According to the analyst, the Saudi officials support anti-Iran terrorist groups like the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), which has “martyred over 17,000 Iranians and officials in the last three decades.”

Saudi Arabia has paid “hundreds of thousands of dollars to terrorists” inside Pakistan to arm and regroup them to wreak havoc on Iran, he said, adding that the Saudi consulate in Iraq’s Kurdistan region supported a Kurdish separatist group, which is labeled a terrorist organization by Turkey, Iraq and Iran, to enable it to operate terrorist attacks in the region.

Iranian security forces have arrested dozens of terrorists, belonging to the Daesh Takfiris and other groups over the past months.

In July, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry declared its forces had smashed a terrorist cell, which was planning bombings in Tehran and other cities during the holy month of Ramadan.