Western coalition ‘hypocritical’ on fighting terrorism

TEHRAN, Oct. 25 (MNA) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution has said Western coalitions would not seriously seek to uproot terrorism, although they would occasionally engage in battle with terrorists.

Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei received Head of Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidential Council Bakir Izetbegovic on Tuesday evening. Mr. Izetbegovic heads a delegation to Tehran and was welcomed by President Rouhani earlier in the morning.

The Leader believed that western policies, which provided the material for the blaze of terrorism in the region, should be addressed and curbed and that independent states should consolidate their unity and avoid the western influence to succeed in such an ideological battle; “Takfirism has already infiltrated the EU borders and will even bring filthier outcomes and more horrible scenes in the future; the cradle of the phenomenon is seemingly Arab countries; however, the fact is far from opaque that the US and its European allies begot and fostered the illegitimate child from the onset,” he emphasized.

Leader also criticized western so-called anti-terrorism coalition for hypocrisy and for only superficially fighting terrorists, since they would not want to see terrorism ends in Iraq and Syria; “rather, their disastrous intervention will ever-increasingly engage the region in the mire escape from which becomes difficult,” he told the Bosnian official.

“The remedy,” Leader added, “is to provide an accurate understanding of the situation and to develop a strong resolve to address problems inherent in the situation; the denigration of European Muslim youths provides the impetus for them to join ISIL where their return also sees blasts and suicide bombings in their destination countries.”

Ayatollah Khamenei turned to Iran-Bosnia relations somewhere in his address, pointing to Iran’s support during the civil war of 1990s where Muslims were subject to extermination; “I had been visiting the country then as president when I received a hero’s welcome by Bosnians, with late Mr. Ali Izetbegovic welcoming at the airport; the Islamic Republic of Iran would welcome improving ties with Bosnia and Herzegovina in all fields,” he told Izetbegovic, who was accompanied by President Rouhani in the meeting.

Mr. Izetbegovic for his part, believed negotiations with Iranian officials had been inspiring and that friendly relations would translate to effective economic exchanges; “I share your view that Muslim countries should remain united in the face of terrorism; this is a malicious pest killing innocent people in the mosques; our prominent religious figures have effectively opposed the fanaticism of the Wahhabist ideology in all its manifestations,” he concluded.