Terrorist in neighboring countries should not be tolerated

MASHHAD, Aug. 01 (MNA) – The custodian of Razavi Shrine has said terrorist groups, the opponents of the Islamic Republic in neighboring countries should not be justified and accepted.

Hojjatoleslam Ebrahim Raeisi told a meeting of border patrol commanders and staff in Vilayat Hall of Razavi Holy Shrine that “Islamic Republic does not consider any of its neighboring countries as enemies; however, unfortunately, the enemies exploit the chaos of these countries in order to undermine Iran, and this issue is not acceptable in any way.”

“The Islamic Republic is the pioneer of resistance against oppression and it supports religious democracy; today, thanks to the Islamic Revolution, it has turned into a role model for other countries seeking to get rid of the yoke of the imperialism in the world, and this issue is the distinctive feature of Iran's Islamic Establishment compared to other countries, this is why hegemonic powers have been hostile to our country” asserted member of the Supreme Council of Khorasan Seminary. Raeisi also emphasized that the Islamic Republic would deal firmly with any threat, which jeopardizes the borders and the security of the country.

“Today, the threats to the borders of the Islamic Republic are not limited to only physical and military threats, but Iran's borders face psychological, economic, and cultural offensives, and ideological threats” he added.

“The drug issue and the volume of smuggling into the country cannot be assumed only a matter of profit, but certainly, the plots and the evil nature of the hegemonic powers are behind drug trafficking,” Raeisi told the meeting.

“Today, national production and economic self-sufficiency of the country is under the threat of commodity trafficking and zealous border guards of Islamic Iran have stood strong against the plots.” he expressed, introducing fighting smuggling as another border challenge.

“Despite extensive threats today, the Islamic government has more than ever sovereignty and security and the role of border guards in establishing this security and authority is quite tangible and significant” Raeisi concluded.