Hojatoleslam Mohammad Chavoshi

Hojatoleslam Mohammad Chavoshi was born in Abyaneh, a village in Natanz County, Isfahan Province on March 21, 1949. He was five years old when with his family moved to Tehran. Due to the family’s financial problems, Mohammad was forced to go to the night school for initial education.

He entered Islamic seminary in 1966 and learned Islamic science before outstanding professors such as Ayatollah Mojtahidi and Ayatollah Imami Kashani.

Mohammad used to heed ethics along with acquiring science. It is written about him that he had a humble life. His room was carpeted with a simple moquette. He was humble and used to help the disadvantaged and put part of his income at their disposal. This manner had roots in hardships that he had experienced in his life. Incisive and enlightening words were among leading indicators of this tireless cleric who used to apply them as a weapon to topple the Pahlavi Regime.

In pursuit of this goal, Chavoshi was arrested and tortured several times by SAVAK. last time that he had a speech in Lorzadeh Masque, Shah's henchmen besieged it and shot the people that led to the martyrdom of several of them. Hojatoleslam Chavoshi was arrested in this conflict, and transferred to the Prison of Committee, Evin and then Qasr Prison. With the rise of struggles, he was unconfined by the revolutionary brothers.

After dawn of the revolution, Chavoshi entered the political-ideological unit of the IRI Navy and then was appointed as the head of that unit. on the morning of Sunday, March 7, 1982, Hojatoleslam Chavoshi was going to work by a Paykan automobile with a soldier when he was shot by 20 bullets of three gunmen riding another car. The news states that Hojatoleslam Chavoshi, who had been hit by 20 bullets, lost his live after 24 hours of surgery at hospital. His body Was buried in the martyr's section of the Behesht-e Zahra cemetery.