Martyr Munira Saif

Munira Saif was born on September 24, 1959 in a religious family in the city Nahavand in Hamadan Province. Her father was a member of IRGC and her mother was a housewife. As the second child of the family, Munira had to drop out of school due to the poor economic conditions of his family during the reign of Pahlavi regime. She was a kind and cheerful girl who was very popular because of her approachable character.

At the peak of the protests and rallies of the people of Iran against the regime, Munira and her parents participated in the protests. Distributing the announcements of Imam Khomeini amongst the revolutionaries, she had a keen interest in Imam and his remarks had a profound effect on her.

Soon after the Islamic Revolution, the Baathist regime of Iraq launched a brutal attack to the southwest of Iran. As a result, the brave Iranians from all over the country volunteered to fight off the invaders and protect their homeland and honor against the intruding enemy.

At the same time, the father and brother of Munira set off to the Southern Front, leaving Munira and her mother in charge of the management responsibilities of family in their absence.

Since Munira’s family was well-known in the city and all the people were aware of the activities of her father, the members of the family were gradually subject to the rancor and hatred of the MKO terrorist group. To hamper the activities of Mr. Saif, the elements of the terrorist group threatened his family several times, and finally on the evening of September 2, 1981, while he was away in the battle front, they carried out a night-raid to this house.

It was past the sunset. Saif's family members were sitting in the kitchen at the dinner table. Suddenly the kitchen window was broken and a green colored grenade was thrown in the middle of their table. At the same time, the electricity went off and the sound of breaking window glasses from other parts of the house was heard. Family members were all scared. Munira picked up the grenade and tried to throw to out of the kitchen window, but the terrorist stopped her. When she realized that they were trapped and there was no way out, she threw herself on the grenade and it exploded a few moments later. Munira's body was torn to pieces by the explosion, with her amputated organs scattered around the kitchen. The whole area was colored in her blood.

The members of Saif family did not dare to even go close to the disintegrated body of Munira, until her mother collected the remaining pieces of her body and transferred them to the morgue.

When the news of newly-wed Munira’s martyrdom was broken to her husband, he was so shocked and traumatized that they had hospitalized him for several days.