Martyr Mir Abraham Tara

Mir Abraham Tara was born in August 1959 within a religious family in the city of Kordkoy, Golestan Province. His parents later moved to Tehran. While still in the second grade, Abraham lost his father and thus he had to work besides going to school.

As a child, he was kind and generous and often helped the people who struggled with poverty. Abraham was about 18 when he began his revolutionary and anti- regime activities, which lasted continuously until the overthrow of Pahlavi regime. After the Islamic Revolution, he joined the newly established Revolutionary Guards Organization of Iran. With the emergence of counterrevolution groups in the Western Iran who sought to topple the Iranian government through acts of sabotage and clashes, he moved to that region to contribute to the establishment of security in the area. On this trip, he married a girl from Kermanshah and fathered a girl.

In the years of fight against the opposition groups of Islamic Republic of Iran and in all of his missions to different areas like Kermanshah, Sanandaj, Saghez, Kamyaran, Bijar and Boukan, Mir Abraham was very popular with the indigenous people of the area. He walked among people with their traditional garment and spoke their languages. He was even able to disabuse some of the ignorant members of anti-revolution groups of their blind allegiance to these groups. Thus, many of these people relinquished from their cooperation with the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, becoming strong supporters of the Islamic regime.

The activities of Mir Abraham had caused huge troubles for the terrorist groups so that they even had some attempts at his life, but their failed each time.

Finally, on January 10, 1983, Mir Abraham was taking his wife, who was a school teacher, to the work when they were ambushed and captured by Komala counter-revolutionary group.

Tara’s family did not have any information on him for about 4 years until after the arrest of a number of torturers of Komala group, who mentioned the story of capturing Mir Abraham in their confession, “When we captured Tara, the leader of the group began torturing him. He kept flagging the feet of Abraham with a cable to the extent that it cut through his bones. He not only broke his hands and feet, but also burned many parts of his body. At the end, he took the blood-covered body of Abraham to an unknown location by car. On his return, the car was full of blood and there was no sign of Tara.”

After many years, there is still no sign of the holy body of Tara, who was martyred for the crime of defending his country.