Martyr Mohammad-Bagher Hosseini-Lavasani

Mohammad Bagher Hosseini Lavasani was born in a religious family in Tehran on February 12, 1944 and went to school until he got his Diploma from Darolfonoon high school. Along with learning the new science, he managed to acquire Islamic thoughts and soon became able to master Arabic language and principles of the jurisprudence, theology and Islamic philosophy and Islamic education. In 1962 Mohammad Bagher entered the faculty of medicine.

As far as his revolutionary activities, he was involved in such activities as being a member of the Islamic Association of the faculty of medicine, attending the Islamic cultural and political struggles, being a member of board of physicians to treat the injured of the revolution, and being a member of the medical team in Imam Khomeini residence during the last days of the 1979 Islamic Revolution before victory.

He had secret collaboration with the Islamic jihadist groups and was member and a founder of the Islamic Republic Party Medical branch.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution he served his country as an MP in the first round of parliament.

He was finally killed by members of the MKO terrorist group as a result of bomb blast in the office of the Islamic Revolution party on June 28, 1981.