Martyr Taghi Haji Heidari

Taghi Haji Heidari was born on September 24, 1931 into an underprivileged family in Khomeini Shahr City in Isfahan. His father was a laborer and his mother was a homemaker. Lost his father at the age of 5, he left his school prematurely. He moved to Ahwaz with his brother at the age of 11 to make a living from working in a haleem (Persian porridge) shop. After some years, they returned to their homeland.

Back in the Khomeini Shahr in 1959, Taghi got married and fathered 7 children. Later they relocated to Tehran and made a living from a grocery store. Following the anti-Pahlavi movements, Taghi joined the revolutionaries and put the picture of Imam Khomeini in his store. The Islamic Revolution gained victory in 1979 and Taghi has become very well-liked by the people.

After the bombing of headquarters of the Islamic Republic Party, Taqi raised a black flag in front of his grocery. Angered by this act, MKO members used Molotov cocktails to set his store ablaze.  Later and after the martyrdom of President Rajaei and Prime Minister Bahanor, MKO members planted a bomb at his grocery store. Although, it was defused by the Islamic Revolution Committee after his neighbor warned of the MKO members’ suspicious acts.

Taghi Haji Heidari’s support for the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini led to several death threats from MKO members and finally they shot him dead on September 6, 1982 at his grocery.

His son addressed MKO leaders during an interview and said, “Maryam and Masoud Rajavi betrayed Iranians. They led astray many young Iranians and owe their compatriots. Not only the Islamic Republic government was not undermined by the crimes of the MKO terrorist group, but it was also flourished by the martyr’s blood.”