Martyr Jamshid Danaeifar

Jamshid Danaeifar was born on December 28, 1987 in the city of Hamoun in Sistan and Balouchestan Province in a family of 11 people. His father was an employee of Zabol University of Medical Sciences and his mother was a housewife. Jamshid was the sixth child of the family. As a kind and polite boy, he was known for his respect of the elders, especially his parents. Growing up in a religious family, he was very careful about saying his prayers on time under any condition. Also, showing respect for group decisions was another notable characteristic of Jamshid that emerged early in his youth.

Immediately after getting his high school diploma, he passed the university entrance examination, but unfortunately he was forced to drop out of college after a semester of study. He was employed as a border guard of Iran and after gaining stability in his job and income, he decided to settle down and get married.

In May 2012, he married her cousin in a simple ceremony. Their married life began in a small room at Jamshid’s father house. He was one of the brave guards protecting Iran and Pakistan border. As stipulated in the work procedure, he was entitled with a 2-day leave for every 3 days of serving at the border and protecting the territory of the country.

During the brief time that Jamshid had with his family, he was so attentive to his wife that it left no room for complaints.

However, their joyful and happy life was short-lived and Jamshid, along with four other border guards, were captured by Jaish al-Adl terrorist group in one of their mission on the border of Iran and Pakistan on January 8, 2014.

Two days after the incident Jaish al-Adl disclosed the story of arresting five Iranian border guards in a blog post and after a month, they broadcasted a clip of border guards pleading for their release.

After a while, 4 of border guards were released but no one knew anything about the whereabouts of Jamshid. All this time, Danaeifar family was in a state of uncertainty and the rumors against Jamshid were an insult to their injury. Meanwhile, their first child was born and they named him Omidreza (hope of Reza), wishing that his father would one day return to the Islamic homeland.

After a few months, a number of Iranian military forces arrested a suspicious man, who turned out to be a member of Jaish al-Adl group and confessed to the martyrdom of Jamshid Danaeifar. According to him, Jamshid one month after his capture was separated from other guards and killed in another area.

Based on the new information, the body of martyr Jamshid Danaeifar was brought back to his homeland on March, 14, 2015 after 14 months. The bones and the uniform of the border guard at the scene confirmed the confession of his murderer.