Matyr Bahman Turkman

Bahman Turkman was born in August 1939 in the province of Hamedan in a family of farmers. He had lost his mother in the childhood and lived with his eldest brother since then. Bahman was the eighth child of a family of 11 members. He continued his studies until sixth grade when he had to leave school out of economic problems of his family.

Grown up in a religious family, he had learned to practice his religious duties after coming of the age. Although not well-educated, he was very interested and Quran, dedicating part of his day to reciting this holy book.

Participating in religious sessions was another hobby of his, though he was always anxious how to put these sermons into practice in his life.

Amiability and his dedication to visiting relatives were among the notable moral features of this great man.

Bahman Turkman married in 1965, and the outcome of his marriage was three daughters.

He, earning his living by working in a small butcher shop, worked hard to provide his family with Halal sustenance.

Because of active presence in mosques, he gradually became familiar with the ideas of Imam Khomeini (ra) and at the beginning of the popular struggle against the Pahlavi regime, he marched alongside other citizens in rallies.

The Islamic Revolution of Iran, which promised freedom from the bondage of Arrogance to all the people of the world, increased his motivation to attend in religious and revolutionary ceremonies through which he sought to gain deeper insights and make his contribution to the nascent Islamic republic of Iran.

One day when working in his shop, Bahman witnessed an armed conflict between IRGC and a group of MKO members. Being aware of the treacheries and betrays of the MKO, he bravely interrupted their escape route, which led to the arrest of a member of the group.

After this incident, MKO groups harbored grudge against him and finally on August 2, 1982, they put a package of explosives in front of his shop to take their revenge.

At about 15:30, Bahman came to open his shop. Being unaware of the bomb in the package, he tried to move it by his foot, but all of a sudden the package was exploded and his slashed body fell on the ground.

People present at the scene took him immediately to the nearest hospital, but due to the severity of the injuries, he couldn’t survive the explosion and his soul went to the glory.

The majority of the revolutionary people of his city were present in his funeral. As one of the first martyrs of the assassination in his city, he met his Maker in the fasting month, and his martyrdom was a proof of the criminal acts of MKO terrorist groups.