Martyr Batoul Nou’i Bahoush

Born in 1941 to a big family in Sabzevar, Batoul Nou’i Bahoush left school because it was not conventional for girls to study in secondary and high schools at that time. Her father was a farmer and her mother was a housewife. As a devout Muslim, Batoul spent most of her time reciting Quran and reading religious books. She got married in 1961 and had 7 children. When their first child was born, Batoul and her husband decided to move to Gorgan.

As Imam Khomeini’s revolutionary movements began, Batoul, who has grown up in a devout Muslim family, joined the anti-Shah revolutionary forces. In the years ensuing the Islamic Revolution, MKO resorted to violent attacks to destabilize the fledgling revolution and prevent people from supporting Imam Khomeini. Northern Iran was one of their targets.

On September 29, 1981, Batoul was buying stuff for her nephew’s wedding ceremony on Imam Khomeini St. She was accompanied by her daughter and nephew. Everything was calm and quiet and people were busy with their work. Suddenly, a group of MKO members involved in a clash with people. They were alarmed by the ensuing sound of gun firing. Batoul and her companions took a hiding in a nearby shop. But the MKO members machine gunned the shop, killing Batoul and her nephew before the eyes of her daughter.