Martyr Mohammad-Taghi Makhzan Mousavi

Seyed Mohammad Taghi Makhzan Mousavi was born near the city of Rudbar in Gilan Province. As the last son of a religious family, his pious character was shaped at the early age. Having completed high school in Rudbar, he moved to the city of Tehran to study Cartography in the Technical Graduate School (now called Amir Kabir).

The presence in Tehran together with the highlighted role of people in revolutionary activities on the one hand and his truth-and-justice-seeking spirit on the other hand had made him a passionate activist and revolutionist. He spent a lot of time on copying the leaflets and announcements of Imam Khomeini so as to propagate the message of freedom of this great man of history to his fellow citizens. As anyone else, he was captivated with the speeches of Imam Khomeini. In accordance with the order of Imam to soldiers to abandon military camps, he had left the military service to join the waves of people.

Later, upon his return to the city of Rudbar, he married a devout woman.

THE family responsibilities did not hamper the activities of Mohammad-Taghi and he was able to help foster the solidarity of youths in their rallies and activism against Pahlavi regime's actions.

After the Islamic Revolution of Iran, his vital role in the formation of effective revolutionary institutions was highlighted. Beside all these activities, he was concerned about enhancing the spirituality in the community. Thus, he made the necessary arrangements for the implementation of a permanent program like reciting Komeik prayers and Islamic Associations in 52 villages.

A man of high political vision, he was consciously obedient to the supreme leader, believing that the US and his puppet regimes were the main enemy of Iran and humanity in general.

Despite all these preoccupations, he was not negligence in self-restraint and self-discipline, incorporating three principles of penitence, meditation and reckoning in his daily affairs.

His speech was so compelling and eloquent that sometimes when he sat to the table of debate with some elements of the MKO group, he often succeeded to disabuse and convince them that their strategy was wrong.

As it was not pleasant to the members of opposition groups, they, filled with hatred, raided his house in a terrorist operation at night, murdering him in front of his wife and his six-month child. These criminals even did not spare his wife and child, shooting them and fleeing the scene.

Mohammd-Taghi, who was 25 at the time of his martyrdom, met his Maker at the peak of innocence and a large number of people were presence in his funeral.

Later, MKO described the details of this terrorist operation in their publications as follow:

"At about 1:30 am on February 17, 1983, a unit of MKO agents after identifying one of the major criminal figures and followers of Imam Khomeini called Mohammad Taqi Mousavi in the Rudbar City, staged a revolutionary execution in an intrepid operation”.