Martyr Mohammad Divsalar

Mohammad Divsalar was born to a muslim parents in Alamdeh, Noor in 1964. He completed his primary school education. He made the decision of leaving school in order to help support his family by working in a car repair shop. He was always caring for the poor and wished that one day poverty and disadvantage will come to an end.

Divsalar’s activities prior to the Islamic Revolution was not that significant due to his young age. Though at the peak of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, he joined the revolutionary Iranians under the flag of Imam Khomeini.

Following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Mohammad Divsalar were actively serving in the revolutionary institution to protect the achievements of the Revolution. He donated blood to the wounded and he was liked by all due to his friendly and brotherly behavior.

On the day of his martyrdom in the early 1980s, Mohammad Divsalar said his morning prayers and said goodbye to his family and then head to the battlefield against communist-led anti-Revolutionary forces in Amol and was martyred thereafter.