Martyr Qorban Babaki

Qorban Babaki in the village of Asur in Firuzkuh and pursued his studies till he was 10 years of age. He started his job as a craftsman working with gypsum and soon gained success in his chosen profession.  He then got married at the age of 18 and had a daughter.

Babaki attended the religious meetings and Quran recitation sessions and joined the Basij Forces. He also had cooperation with Hadrat Mahdi (a.j.) Library.

In January 26, 1982, Qorban Babaki decided to help the IRGC members in the fight against anti-revolution groups in Amol jungles during the early years of Islamic Revolution. His younger sister told her to take care because of the spate of the shooting. But he said nothing will happen, adding “at least I’ll be martyred. That’s what I crave.” He asked his sister to fetch some bread from the neighbors for the IRGC members got stuck in the trenches fighting the anti-revolutionary militants. He rushed out of the house with a bag of bread and went outside the Qods Cinema where a group of IRGC members were located.

Qorban Babaki was shot to death when he was feeding a soldier with bread. “Allāhu Akbar” – God is the greatest- were the only words he could utter.