Martyr Majid Qelich

Name: Majid Qelich

Date of Birth: 1960

Place of Birth: Amol

Date of Martyrdom: January 26, 1982

Place of Martyrdom: Amol

Born in 1960 in Amol, Majid Qelich was a very humble man with a good Islamic attitude who treated his family and other people very kindly.

Always speaking about Imam Khomeini and Islam, he headed the Islamic Society of his region and was trusted by people. He was dispatched to the battlefields twice during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran. Majid would always advise his family to pray for Imam Khomeini.

His father says: “I once told him to be careful about the anti-revolutionary groups’ threats. But he replied: “They would never fight me face to face, but they may hit me in the darkness of the night.” And this is exactly what happened. It was near 12:30AM when he heard some shotguns so he went to the place immediately. On his way to that place, he was shot by terrorists and killed after a few minutes.

A part of martyr Qelich’s testament reads:

“when there comes the help of Allah and the victory, and you see men entering the religion of Allah in companies, then celebrate the praise of your lord, and ask his forgiveness; surely he is oft-returning (to mercy)…

In the name of the one whom my existence belongs to and my life is at his hands and in the name of the one who inspires all hearts and sent the prophets among Humans. In the name of the one who is worshipped by Hussain ibn-Ali (P.B.U.T), the man who taught us all the martyrdom, and in the name of the one who is inside all hearts.

Greetings to our great dear leader who fights all the oppressors in the world by his deeds and his words. Now that I am writing this testament, I have nothing but my life to sacrifice in the path of Islam so “I would swim in the ocean of blood so much that I finally reach the shore of freedom.”

O my dear fighter sisters and brothers, be aware that there is no way to run from the death and anywhere you step, It is the kingdom of God so why not to sacrifice our lives to help dear Islam?

O dear God! If my blood is worth irrigating the tree of Islam, so grant me a thousand lives to sacrifice on this path.