Martyr Mohammad Golchin

Among the Iranian people, there are martyrs who rose up and inspired others and defeated the enemies of their doctrine through hard work and great effort. Martyr Golchin is one of these great men.

Martyr Mohammad Golchin was born in a poor family. He was encountered with troubles and life’s hardships since the early years of his life. He was a simple worker before the Islamic Revolution of Iranian people and after the Revolution, when Saddam Hussein attacked Iran, he was voluntarily dispatched to the warzone to defend his country against foreign and domestic enemies, as he was well aware of Revolution’s situation.

He had just come back from the battlefield when a riot was set in Amol and antirevolutionary forces attacked the city people. Mohammad was prepared to confront the rioters and as his family members were trying to dissuade him by saying “you have just comeback from the war and you would better get some rest”, he replied: “I am a man of jungle and the jungle man never gets tired.” So he went Amol and while fighting the rioters, Mohammad Golchin was martyred.

A part of martyr Golchin’s testament reads:

“We belong to God and to him we shall return.

As this world is a temporary place and the human being is a mortal creature, we should move to another world in which the real evolution of Humans takes place. According to this principle, and that the human being needs migration and Jihad for the evolution of his spiritual dimension, I am trying to migrate and if God honors me and lets me participate in this Jihad, I will be prized in this world and the other world.

I ask our God almighty to bless us all in this world and the other one and accept us as his servants.”