Martyr MohammadAli MohammadAmoli

Name: MohammadAli MohammadAmoli

Date of Birth: 1933

Place of Birth: Amol

Date of Martyrdom: 1982

Place of Martyrdom: Amol

In Islamic culture, martyrdom is a great honor and a choice made knowingly which only special servants of God and the real followers of Imam Hussein (P.B.U.H) deserve to achieve it.

Martyr Mohammadamoli was born in 1933 in Amol. He finished his preliminary studies and then started working at his father’s shop. He got married when he was 31 years old. He had 2 sons and a girl when he was martyred.

Mohammad Ali was a religious activist before the Islamic Revolution of Iran and after the Revolution started, he made great efforts day and night in order to overthrow the Shah regime. He never stopped his efforts to promote the Islamic Revolution’s goals even after the victory of the Revolution.

On that night, martyr Mohammadamoli was patrolling like other nights to keep the city people safe. In one of the streets, he suspected somebody and started following him. It was then when he was shot by a bullet and couldn’t survive the injuries. He was 48 when he was martyred and achieved his old wish of joining his martyr comrades.

A part of martyr Mohammadamoli’s testament reads:

“In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful

I, Mohammad Ali Mohammadamoli, son of Mohsen, was born in 1933 and have a wife and 3 children. I am a worker who is committed to shia Islam and follows Imam Komeini. It was my oldest wish to live in such an era when the Islamic government is established. I ask God almighty to help Islamic fighters succeed in the combat against the USA and the infidel Saddam. I wish our friends can achieve their goal of freeing holy Quds under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, the son of Imam Hussein (P.B.U.H) and the destroyer of tyranny. I expect our comrade brothers to follow the path of their martyr brothers and not leave Imam Khomeini alone.

I ask my son Mohammad Reza to follow his father’s path and take his gun and follow Imam Khomeini. I ask my two daughters not to cry over my body."