Martyr Qasem Valipour

Name: Qasem Valipour

Date of Birth: 1959

Place of Birth: Miralamdeh

Date of Martyrdom: January 26, 1982

Place of Martyrdom: Amol

Qasem Valipour was born in 1959 in a village named Miralamdeh. He continued his studies up to the second year in high school. He had a simple life and his behavior towards people was very nice. He had very friendly relationships with his neighbors and loved his friends. Qasem went to Military Service in 1974 but couldn’t stand his commanders’ tyranny and escaped the military several times, in one of which he was arrested and put in jail for 3 months. His conditions were the same until the Iranian nation’s Revolution was established in 1979 and the American puppet regime was overthrown. Martyr Valipour went back to Miralamdeh after the victory of the Revolution and became an active member of his village’s Islamic Society. One of his never granted wishes was to be dispatched to the war frontlines. Finally he became an active member of Basij. As a riot was set in Amol in January 26, 1982, he volunteered to defend the city and kept fighting the rioters until afternoon. He was martyred in the combat against those rioters.