Habilian exhibtion at Farhangian university of Mashhad

Habilian Association held an exhibition titled "passing through the Islamic Revolution's crises” at Farhangian University of Mashhad.

The exhibition included posters and pictures with contents on Imam Khomeini's guidelines and the measures he adopted to confront the anti-revolutionary and terrorist groups, tensions near the country borders, etc. The students exhibited great enthusiasm in the exhibition.

Mr.Bazargan’s transitional government, the ones left behind of the revolution train, Imam khomeini’s attitude towards the transitional government, Banisadr’s fall, the result of violating law and Islam, a detailed review on Nowjeh coup from the beginning up to its suppression, the necessity of cultural revolution and correction of the educational system’s contents, cultural revolution’s achievements, Forqan terrorist grouplet and the people martyred by Forqan were among the most important topics covered during the event.

Deviated Hojjatieh Society's history, terrorist Mujahedin e-khalq organization (MKO,MEK,NCRI), MKO after the victory of Islamic Revolution, MKO’s relations with Saddam and the reasons why the Iraqi imposed war on Iran was continued after Khorramshahr was freed, were other issues discussed in the exhibition.

An exclusive part was also considered for the students to watch related films in the exhibition.

At the end, some Habilian products were provided to the visitors.