Rajavi abused women in the cult: Ex-MKO member

In an interview on December 5, 2012, Zahra Mir Bagheri, former member of MKO’s leadership council, spoke of the tragic fate of women who were murdered in the terrorist Mujahedin e-Khalq organization.

She clearly named people who were involved in those murders and asked the international Human Rights communities to act against these tragic inner-cultish murders.

Revealing the misogynistic nature of Rajavi’s cult, she emphasized she had witnessed killing of women in the leadership council and blamed Massoud and Maryam Rajavi for the secret murders in the cult.

She said Rajavis had issued a death sentence on those women who had decided to escape the cult and after they were detained by Saddam’s security forces, the issued verdicts were executed in any possible ways. She named a number of victims and testified she had witnessed their killing.

Mir Bagheri had revealed the sexual assault on women in the cult before:

“We were called to Massoud by different excuses and we faced celebrations every time. There were no ideological discussions. It was all about Massoud, the ideological leader, and unique relations with him. We were given various gifts such as shower towels, underwear, perfumes and other things which we wouldn’t understand why they were given to us.

We were encouraged by higher ranking members in the council who had gone through all this before, to establish unique emotional connections to Massoud and speak with him romantically. It was always hard for us because we considered all this as an ideological connection.

We thought we couldn’t yet understand it. We thought we had to learn from higher ranking members who had completed these levels before us and that was how our brains were washed deeper. For instance, except those presents, some golden bracelets were also given to us. It was first a bracelet with a picture of Maryam on it. When we were receiving these gifts, Massoud used to touch our hands and that was the beginning. He sometimes joked about it or he would say “just like my own [wife].”

We wouldn’t understand what he was meaning by saying “just like my own” and we used to repeat it. If we had just paid a little more attention we would understand it. It was said before that Massoud and Maryam are not included in mandatory divorces. So we had to go through these levels just like Maryam.

The women in the second layer of leadership council were presented with another bracelet which had a picture of Massoud Rajavi on it. “

Zahra Mir Bagheri was forced to crawl combat-style over a kilometer for hours in the dark to escape Camp Ashraf. Her body was so lacerated and bleeding that the Iraqi soldiers who found her wept on seeing her injuries. She spent several weeks in hospital recovering from this ordeal. In addition she has had to undergo various operations in Germany