Anti-Iran cleric voices support for terrorist MKO

A Doha-based Egyptian scholar who had earlier denounced the Bahrain Revolution, voiced his support for members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist organization and described them as “oppressed people”.

According to Habilian Association, Yusuf Qardawi, talking to Al-Jazeera on Sunday, said the MKO members are some oppressed people who need to be supported.

The Qardawi’s comment came when Sarmad Abdolkarim, Baathist refugee in Denmark known to be an advocate of the MKO, phoned the Al-Jazeera TV program and after a somehow exaggerated introduction about the conditions of this criminal terror group in Iraq, asked Qardawi to talk about his take on the MKO.

The Sunni cleric urges backing of the oppressed people irrespective of their religion and sect, while he censured the protests in Bahrain as an “unpopular and sectarian” revolution and gave a cold shoulder to the unabated brutal crackdown on peaceful Shiite protestors by the Saudi-backed Al-Khalifa regime.

Some months earlier the Sunni cleric also denounced Iran, Russia and China as enemies of the nation and urged the pilgrims to curse the governments of the three countries in Mecca.