‘Europe must be committed to fighting terror’

The spokesman of Iranian foreign ministry reacting at the proposal given by Belgium about accommodating the MKO members said that we advise European countries to seriously tackle terrorism and remain committed to their commitments in this regard.

Shabestan news agency reported that Ramin Mehman Parasat the spokesman of Iranian foreign ministry, while replying to a question asked by the reporter of Shabestan that is based upon the reaction of Iran over the plan proposal by Belgium to provide shelter to hypocrites, said in his weekly session with local and foreign media that the officials of our country are vigilant about the issue of hypocrites and statements given by the officials of various countries, however any concrete information about the proposal of Belgium has not been received so far.

He further added that our advice for various countries especially for European countries is that they need to seriously review their commitment against terrorism and remain adhere to it and they must combat with this terrorism and try to eradicate its roots.

Mehman Parast said that all the propositions like providing shelter to terrorist groups, supporting them and allowing the individuals associated with these groups to perform activities are against the prerogatives of these countries and consequently they are the source of restlessness in the world.