Habilian Association published the special 19th of Bahman edition

Marking the 31st anniversary of the destruction of Mujahedin-e Khalq organization (MKO, a.k.a. MEK and PMOI)’s major hideout in Iran, Habilian Association published the Big Blow commemorative edition.

Opening with an article detailing the history of MKO group, the commemorative edition features a statistical information of different kind of terrorist acts by MKO in the early 4 years of the Islamic Revolution.

On June 19, 1981, the MKO entered a military phase, and, in less than a decade, killed an estimated 12000 Iranians whose guilt was having beard or keeping a photo of Imam Khomeini in their shops, or holding official governmental posts or doing whatever showed their or their relatives’ pro-revolutionary positions.

On June 20, 1981 Masoud Rajavi made a getaway from Iran and moved to Paris, but most of the high ranking officials and rank and files of the group were inside the country busy with the assassination of Iranian people. The violent acts of the terrorist MKO made the Iranian government raise up to counter its terrorist acts. Iran’s IRGC forces raided the group-let’s hideouts, the most important of which occurred on February 8, 1982. During the raid to the major hideout of the MKO members in Iran, MKO’s second man, Masoud Khiabani, and Masoud Rajavi’s first wife, Ashraf Rabi’i, along with many other high-ranking members of the group inside the country were killed.

The killings of the MKO number two leader as well as a number of other influential members of the group were a major blow to the core of the MKO in Iran, leaving them virtually unable to go on with their terrorist attacks in the country.