Basirat Exhibition at Khorshid Park

As the representative of the families of Iranian terror victims, Habilian Association opened Basirat ‎Exhibition at Khorshid (Sun) Park, in the holy city of Mashhad.

In this exhibition which was held for ‎‏10‏‎ days, treasonable acts of the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq ‎Organization, assassination of hundreds of thousands of innocent defenseless Iraqi and Iranian people ‎by the terrorist group, the group’s alignment with Saddam Hussein in his invasion of Iran in ‎‏1980‏‎, and ‎some other information regarding the MEK group were presented through the eyes of the visitors.‎

The role which MEK and other groups played during the ‎‏2009‏‎ post-presidential election street ‎protests in Iran were other parts of the exhibition which was warmly received by the visitors.‎

The exhibition also let visitors know more about extensive moral corruption in Camp Ashraf, ‎Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorists' betrayal to their motherland during the ‎‏1980-1988‏‎ Iran-Iraq war by ‎siding with Iraq’s executed dictator Saddam Hussein as well as their assisting the Iraqi dictator in ‎massacre of Iraqi Kurds and suppression of the Shiites Intifada in ‎‏1991‏‎.‎