Hojjatieh Society Exhibition in Mashhad

As the representative of the families of Iranian terror victims, Habilian Association held an ‎exhibition at Sakhteman Mosque in Mashhad to introduce the Hojjatieh Society.‎

According to Habilian, the exhibition presented posters about the establishment of Hojjatieh ‎Society, the ‎intellectual and ‎ideological perversions of its founders, its extensive relations with ‎SAVAK, ‎its ‎‏financial documents ‎and propagation methods, recruitment techniques, and ‎introducing websites and satellite channels ‎serving ‎interests of Hojjatieh Society.‎

Hojat-ol-Islam Amini-nia delivered a speech in the exhibition about the intellectual deviations of ‎members of the Hojjatieh Society.‎

He said the founder of the society, Sheikh Mahmoud Halabi, who is no longer alive was a ‎relatively successful cleric delivering religious sermons who was opposed to philosophy. He ‎added that the emergence of the organization dates back to early ‎‏1970‏s, when Halabi together ‎with some other individuals formed an organization and drafted a charter explaining their main ‎purpose as countering the Baha’ism and saving the young people from joining the depraved sect.‎

He noted that one of the principles of this society is having no involvement in political affairs. ‎Having nothing to do with politicians and the government was a prerequisite for ‎entering the society. This means that it struggled against Baha’ism, but ironically they never talked ‎about Amir-Abbas Hoveyda and Farrokhru Parsa, two politicians under Mohammad Reza ‎Pahlavi, who were allegedly Baha’i followers.‎

‎“Before the revolution, the purpose of the Hojjatieh Society was taking people’s revolutionary ‎spirit. But after the revolution they infiltrated the (highest) levels of government to take the ‎revolutionary spirit from the government, so that it would no longer followed the words of Imam ‎Khomeini.”‎

Amini-nia went on to say that Imam Khomeini was the first person who detected the infiltration ‎of Hojjatieh Society members into the government.‎

He added, “One major divergent point between Hojjatieh Society and Islamic Republic is that ‎they don’t believe in the formation of an Islamic government before the reappearance of Imam ‎Mahdi,” the last and ‎‏12‏th Shiite Imam which Shiite Muslims believe had disappeared but will ‎return before the day of Judgment and dispense even-handed justice.‎