“Basirat Exhibition” at Kheradgarayan Motahar Institute

As the representative of the families of Iranian terror victims, Habilian Association organized Basirat Exhibition at Kheradgarayan Motahar Institute of Higher Education.

The week-long exhibition provided information concerning the history of perverted Baha’ism sect, its role in the Pahlavi regime, its dependence on the United States, and their espionage documents.

Other parts of the exhibition showed beliefs of the Baha’ism, their symbols, Baha’ism and Israel, their role in the post election riots in 2009 as well as their recruitment techniques.

The exhibition was visited by the Institute of Higher Education’s authorities and professors. Students’ passion for knowledge faced with Habilian experts’ responses.

The visitors also provided with the opportunity to buy books, bulletins, and other Habilian’s software and multimedia products about the perverted Baha’i sect.