Iraq urges EU to accept MKO members

Mohammed Shia' al-Sudani Iraqi Minister of Human Rights called on European Union to accept Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK, also MKO, PMOI) terrorists.

According to Habilian database, in his meeting with European Union's Ambassador to Iraq, Mrs. Jana Hybásková, Mohammad Shia’ al-Sudani called on EU’s cooperation in MEK’s refugee admission.

At the meeting which was held in Iraq, Shia’ al-Sudani urged EU member states to help Iraq in the complete expulsion of the cult's members.

The Ambassador of the European Union in Iraq acknowledged the Iraqi government’s efforts in cooperation with the International organizations to expel MKO members from Iraq.

Earlier last week the first step towards the expulsion of MKO terrorists from Iraq was taken by transferring some 400 members to a Temporary Transit Location in order for UNHCR to determine their refugee status.

The relocation is in line with the memorandum of understanding signed on 25 December between Iraq and United Nations to temporarily transfer them to a former US military base for the UNHCR to determine their refugee status.

Despite UN’s calls on Member States to demonstrate their readiness to accept eligible residents of Camp Ashraf who wish to resettle in third countries, still no country has expressed willingness to accept them.