‘Cooperation with MKO soon changes to a nightmare’

Renowned cult expert Steve Alan Hassan said that in his professional opinion, the extreme influence (brainwashing) used by this destructive cult to recruit, indoctrinate and maintain control over their members ranks extremely high.

According to Habilian database, renowned cult expert, Steve Alan Hassan, posted a reporter’s interview with a former high-ranking member of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Masoud Banisadr, former president Abolhasan Banisadr’s nephew, on his website.

Banisadr said that MEK since 1985 has changed into a destructive cult, adding “all violent or terrorist groups to survive have no choice but to change into a destructive cult.” “When in 1981 MEK’s strategy and all its tactics changed into a blind terrorism; to survive, she had no choice but gradually to change into a cult.”

“Fortunately now days many independent organizations, experts and even governments do agree that MEK has all the characteristics of a destructive cult,” added Banisadr.

He said that the cults in order to recruit and as a tool of manipulation need to have a doctrine or an ideology, but in reality they only have to principles that followers of the cult are loyal to and are ready to die for.

Abolhasan Banisadr’s nephew referred to Mujahedin-e Khalq’s collusion with Saddam Hussein and said that after that “they lost all their support inside Iran and as matter of fact in public view they changed into a traitor organization.”

“MEK is a destructive cult, to be a cult means they always pursue their own specific interest. They might be useful in one occasion or another, but as a whole as they are not loyal toward any norms, ethics, principles or mutual agreement (except those two values of all destructive cults, mentioned above) like Al Qaeda, they cannot be trusted,” Banisadr said in reply to Israel and US funding and training Mujahedin-e Khalq.

“Therefore strategically I believe it is not in the interest of anybody or any country to trust, not only the MEK but any destructive cults and should take note that any cooperation with them might soon change into their own nightmares as cooperation of the United States with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan during Soviet’s occupation, ended with the 9/11.”

“Between 1978, when, we (I and my ex-wife) became MEK’s supporter till 1996 when I escaped, through use of different techniques of mind manipulation I was forced to give them whatever they asked me; first any capital or material things we had; then any love, attachments or relation we had with our country, our family and friends in Iran; then when they asked all members to divorce their spouses, I lost love of my life, my dear wife and could not see my children for almost six years; I lost part of my health, and many times were on the edge of dying for them,” he added.

“Then in final stage of their system of mind manipulation, they asked us to divorce ourselves, our identity and personality; I tried and lost big part of it, but couldn’t do more so I escaped.”