Martyr Ghasem Aboofazeli

Name: Ghasem Aboofazeli

Son of: Ismail

Date of Birth: September 24, 1951

Place of Birth: Qom, Iran

Date of Martyrdom: May 31, 1985

Place of Martyrdom: Loghman Hospital, Tehran, Iran

He was a guardian and he was serving as the bodyguard to the Majlis deputy, Dr. Hassan Ayat. During the assassination attempt of Dr. Ayat in August 5, 1981, in which he had been struck by more than 60 bullets by MKO terrorists, Ghasem Aboofazeli was fatally shot in his back and he was transferred to the hospital.

“In the morning of the incident he went out and my daughter came to our house. Our radio was on and suddenly we heard that Dr. Ayat was assassinated by Mujahedin-e Khalq,” Said Ms. Amini, Ghasem’s mother in law. “We immediately went to the announced hospital,” she added. “In the hospital upon our request of Ghasem’s health, they told us that he was shot and was in the operating room.”

“Taking care of her severely injured husband on the threshold of their marriage was very grievous to my daughter,” said Ms. Amini, Ghasem’s mother in law.

After suffering for four years, he died on 31 May 1985 as a result of spinal cord infection.