Martyr Emamgholi Jafarzadeh

“Someday Martyr Beheshti and Islamic Revolution Council will be proven right and legitimate to all,” Jafarzadeh used to say.

Name: Emamgholi Jafarzadeh

Date of birth: 1949

Place of birth: Saman, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Province, Iran

Marital Status: Married (father of three children)

Date of Martyrdom: December 21, 1981

Place of Martyrdom: Mashhad, Iran

Emamgholi Jafarzadeh was born in January 1949, in Saman city, in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province, Iran, into a poor but pious family. He was the only child of his family. He finished his primary education in his own city, and from then on due to inadequate educational facilities in his region, he continued his secondary education at Adab highschool in Isfahan.

Jafarzadeh lost his father when he was 17. He first entered politics in 1963 when engaged in the underground activities led by Combatant Clergy Association. He used to distribute Imam Khomeini's cassette tapes and political leaflets which encouraged the religious oppositional trend within Iran.

After he completed his military service in 1968, he spent a year of technical training period in Esfahan Steel Company and started his occupation thereafter. He got married in August 1968. In 1970 he was sent to the Soviet Union to spend a one-year training period. Since he was so talented and gifted, he completed the training period within 7 and a half months and returned to Iran. Not only the non-Islamic and corrupt environment did not affect him, but he observed his religious beliefs and practices.

Back to his country, Jafarzadeh resumed his political activities and cooperated with anti-shah protesters in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari and Isfahan. During American-backed dictatorial Pahlavi regime which suppressed and marginalized its opponents, they held book fairs in Fooladshahr, Shahrekord, Saman, and other regions, alongside of which they tried to enlighten the public.

Following the Islamic Revolution, Jafarzadeh worked for eight months in the Security Management of Fooladshahr Industrial city, and with a ten-month interval serving in Revolutionary Guards' Pasdaran Construction Jihad, he went back to serve at the Security Management of Fooladshahr Industrial city. At a later time, he went to the army of guardians of Islamic revolution and served in the intelligence branch. Afterwards he was appointed as the head of security office of Esfahan Steel Company.

Eventually, In 1981, he was appointed as the governor of Shahrekord. Returning from a visit of the war fronts on December 21 the same year, he and his accompanies decided to perform a pilgrimage and visit the blessed shrine of Imam Reza, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad and eighth Imam of Shi’ites, in Mashhad, Iran. Being identified by MKO terrorists, Emamgholi Jafarzadeh was being assassinated by them.