“Basirat Exhibition in Gorgan University of medical sciences”

As the representative of the families of terror victims in Iran, Habilian Association held “Basirat Exhibition” in Gorgan University of medical sciences.

According to Habilian Association (families of Iranian victims of terror) database, in this exhibition which was held for the enlightenment of public opinion, especially the academic classes, different aspects of the old and the new hypocrisy were brought to the eyes of the viewers.

The main parts of exhibition were included: MKO’s long history of violence and terror, assassination of high ranking IRI officials, launching blind mortar attacks at residential compounds against innocent civilians, the role MKO played in Iraq-Iran war, as Saddam’s private army were other parts of the exhibition.

The exhibition also dealt with the 2009 post election riots in Iran and the role MKO terrorist perpetrators played during the unrests including their direct role in the crimes of Ashura, martyr creating project and also the shocking confessions of arrested MKO members during the riots.

Meanwhile and in the sideline to the exhibition different relevant workgroups were held and appropriate videos were played for the audience. The viewers were also provided with Habilian Association’s software products about the nature of terrorist groups and the crimes deviant political streams and terrorist groups like MKO committed in Iran and the damages they have so far caused to the country.