Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (13)

We know of other thefts too. For instance MKO had stolen 50,000 pills (anti-biotic capsules) from the drug factory of I.D.I. Once they stole 2000 syringes from the drug factory of Don Baxter.


Another matter which was greatly emphasized in our sector, on account of the existence of important factories and offices, was that of getting information and identifying individuals and important places, thefts of documents and property in factories and important offices.

A person named Sayf, who was one of those in charge of the forces and who worked in the Pars Electric Factory for a time, made documents secretly available to the Organization, a procedure which was considered normal in the Organization. Or there was a theft of documents and money.

The supporters of the group broke the safe of the Bell Helicopter Factory and stole three million Tomans in cash. They also plundered many papers and documents of this imperialist company.

You may remember how the hypocrites shouted slogans about divulging imperialistic documents and contracts. They should answer this one. They stole important military papers and God Knows what they did with them.

These documents that you see are related to the identification of strategic points in the shoe factory and power plants. This one is related to guild and geographical details of the power industry prepared in 1980, together with all the plans and particulars. (Document No.6)

This one is a sample of the internal report of the Organization related to the Melli shoe Factory stating: آ«Larger forces should be placed at strategic points in the factories. For instance in the shoe factory, the chemical and mechanic sections are more important, for if these are sabotaged, the whole factory will cease to function».

They should be asked: « You, who in 1980 claimed to be engaged in so-called peaceful activities, what does your identification of important points mean and for what purpose is it? We could only say that a plot was about to be hatched.

There are tens of such examples which cannot be mentioned for security reasons. I only say that the hypocrites had open and disguised forces in strategic places like airports, power stations, the military industry and munitions factories. Who knows, there may have been a connection between these identifications and the bombing of airports and important military centers by the Iraqi Ba'athists.

The Iraqi government has no love for the hypocrites to freely place propaganda and radio facilities at their disposals. Obviously, there was a mutual understanding. When the goal is a thirst for power, no obligation or principle matters. Every kind of act becomes permissible.

We know of other thefts too. For instance they had stolen 50,000 pills (anti-biotic capsules) from the drug factory of I.D.I. Once they stole 2000 syringes from the drug factory of Don Baxter.

In these cases, the supporters not only were not blamed, but they were also encouraged in one way or another. I remember for example that they had ordered to sell those pills (at 7 or 8 rails each) and to spend the money on other matters.

Confessions of high ranking MKO terrorists (12)