Pakistani President Lauds Iran's Anti-Terrorism Initiative

Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari underlined the vital need for collective campaign against terrorism, especially in the region, and praised Tehran for holding the anti-terrorism conference at an appropriate time.

Addressing the International Conference on Global Fight against Terrorism here in Tehran on Saturday, Zardari praised Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for holding the conference, and stressed that the world and particularly the region are in dire need of such unique initiatives.

"Our region has been targeted by massive terrorist attacks more than the other parts of the world," he said, and added, that the region is, thus, in need of collective measures and coordination among the regional states to combat and uproot terrorism.

He further pledged Pakistan's commitment to the campaign against terrorism, reminding that his country is a victim of terrorism itself.

He stressed that Islamabad has already lost over 5,000 of its forces in the war on terrorism, and added that the war has so far inflicted $37 billion economic costs and damages on Pakistan.

The two-day International Conference on Global Fight against Terrorism officially started work here in Tehran on Saturday with tens of high-ranking officials and international figures in attendance.

The event has brought together senior officials from at least 60 countries, and representatives from several international organizations, including the UN.