Iran Condemns Western Spy Agencies for Terrorist Attacks in Region

Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi blamed the intelligence and spy agencies of the western powers for terrorist activities in the region.

"We have information that the materials needed by many terrorist groups are airdropped to them from the US and British helicopters," Moslehi said on the sidelines of the International Conference on Global Fight against Terrorism in Tehran on Saturday.

Moslehi blasted at the West's double-standard and hypocritical stance on terrorism, and stated "The West is seeking its own interests in its war on terrorism, and it never seeks to save the humanity from this evil phenomenon."

He said when the global arrogance perceives its interests are endangered; it resorts to any action, struggling to justify it.

Meantime, the Iranian minister said participants in the Tehran anti-terror conference are among the main victims of terrorism in the world.

"I feel that the countries participating in this conference are the ones that have had the highest number of victims in terrorist attacks," he said.

The two-day conference started work in the Iranian capital earlier today. The event, arranged under the slogan of "A World Without Terrorism", is aimed at increasing international convergence and coordination in fighting terrorism.

Chief executives of a number of states, including Presidents of Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Iraq, as well as senior dignitaries and officials from 60 different world states and world bodies are present at the conference, while more heads of state, including the Armenian president, are also due to join the summit tomorrow.