Minister: Iran Monitoring Terrorist Groups

Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi has warned against plots hatched by terrorists, emphasizing that intelligence services of the country completely monitor terrorist groups.

“Under the guidelines of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, intelligence services of the country fully supervise activities of all terrorist groups, including the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) which is nearing its collapse,” said Moslehi on Thursday.

He also warned all Iranian officials at every level to keep a watchful eye on events, Fars news agency reported. "Although the MKO will collapse soon, it does not mean that it will stop its futile attempts against the Islamic Republic", he stressed.

The minister further noted that the MKO resorts to new ways to implement its plans. The MKO is listed as a terrorist organization by much of the international community and is responsible for numerous acts of terror and violence against Iranian civilians and government officials.

The group fled to Iraq in 1986, where it enjoyed the support of Iraq's executed dictator Saddam Hussein and set up Camp Ashraf near the Iranian border. The organization is also known to have cooperated with Saddam in suppressing the 1991 uprisings in southern Iraq and the massacre of Iraqi Kurds.

Iran has repeatedly called on the Iraqi government to expel the group, but the US has been blocking the expulsion by pressuring the Iraqi government. On Tuesday, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that Baghdad has a crystal clear stance on the expulsion of the MKO terrorists from the Middle Eastern country.

“Camp Ashraf is to be shut down, and members of the [MKO] group have been given until the end of the current year (2011) to leave Iraqi soil,” Zebari said.