"Encyclopedia of Iranian assassinated martyrs" launched

The bilingual "Encyclopedia of Iranian assassinated martyrs" was launched Saturday morning, May 21, by Habilian Association (families of Iranian victims of terror).

The ceremony was attended by the Basij Organization's director, Mohammad Reza Naghdi and the general secretary of Habilian Association, Mohammad Javad Hashemi-nejhad.

In a part of his speech, Mohammad reza Naghdi introduced the "Encyclopedia of Iranian assassinated martyrs" saying the book introduces 17,160 assassinated martyrs including 2 year old children till 90 year old people.

Basij Organization's director added:" The book is an evidence of Britain, the US and the Zionist's crimes who brag about human rights, freedom and justice. But the martyrdoms are a result of the actions."

The bilingual English and Persian "Encyclopedia of Iranian assassinated martyrs" has been released by Habilian Association.

At the beginning of the ceremony while mentioning MKO long history of terror and violence, their media charlatanism and intersectal relations, Secretary General of Habilian association, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hashemi Nejad, disclosed some aspects of MKO's real nature.