Martyrdom anniversary of Lieutenant General Sayyad Shirazi

He was born in Kabood Gonbad near the north eastern city of Daregaz in 1323 (1944).As his father was in army, it motivated Ali to join army. In 1964 he was admitted as a cadet.

He was promoted to second lieutenant for his abilities. Then he was dispatched to the United States in 1974 by army for drill and education. There He acquainted some Americans with Islam. His new friends always called him ''the man of religion''. After coming back to home, he protested against Shah's reign apparently and supported Islamic revolution along with people and was jailed for a period of time as a result.

After the Islamic Revolution's victory he served at many fronts such as Kurdistan. Triumph of many sweeping operations during the imposed war of Iraq against Iran was owed his plans. He was appointed as the commander of the ground forces of Iran by the grand leader of the Revolution Ayatollah Khomaini in 1981, due to his courage & abilities. In 1988 in Mersad operation in which Iran's west borders were invaded by Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), Iran's military could smash them under the command of brigadier general Sayyad Shirazi.

The deputy chief of the joint staff commander of the armed forces lieutenant General Ali Sayyad Shirazi, former commander of the ground forces was gunned down at 6:45 local time on April10, 1999 by the Mojahedin-e khalq terrorist organization and achieved the exulted rank of martyrdom.

The MKO issued a statement assuming the responsibility of the assassination of Sayyad Shirazi. They declared that they had killed the general as revenge for his role as commander of Iranian ground forces in Mersad operation which resulted in their heavy casualties.


Supreme leader of Iran said in his message on Shirazi's martyrdom ''the faithful and brave commander of the Islamic army and devoted soldier of the religion and the holy Qur'an attained martyrdom at the hands of the criminal, bloodthirsty and disgraced Monafeghin''. He stressed that this is neither the first nor the last time a faithful lover of the lofty ideas of the divine faith has been martyred by the dirty, criminal and corrupt hands of those mercenaries who have to earn their livelihood only through serving the enemies of Islam. Praising the services rendered by Sayyad Shirazi, the supreme leader added that the hot plains of Khuzestan and the high mountains of Kurdistan had witnessed the preparedness and devotion of the brave and determined man who left numerous memories of his courage and self-sacrifice during the eight-year sacred defense period.