Martyr Ehsan Taheri

Martyr Ehsan Taheri was born in a religious family of Muslim believers in Ozrood near the city of Nour in 1959. There he grew up and went to school until he finished the elementary and high school successfully. After graduation from high school Ehsan attended the entrance exam of the University and was accepted in the field of auto mechanic industries.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution and during the Cultural Revolution martyr Taheri was amongst those who supported the plan for the Islamization of the universities under the direct order of Imam Khomeini.

After the war broke out between Iraq and Iran, he voluntarily went to the warfronts several times.

He was a co-founder of Sajjadieh Islamic society and the teacher of ideology in that forum.

Finally Ehsan Taheri was shot by the western-backed terrorist groups during the A’amol uprisings and was martyred as a result of the injuries on January 26, 1981 after a few days of hospitalization.