Documents of treason

1-Confessions of Bahram Bernas, commander of some MKO terror units about those committed the crime:

Members of terror unit: keyhan and Javad

Time and date of the terrorist operation: 7 O’clock am, August 7, 1982.

Location of terrorist operation: Shams Abad - a car showroom

Procedure: Using a motorcycle two members of terror unit enter the car showroom and after opening fire at Haj Mohsen who was previously identified by terrorists, MKO elements run away hurriedly.

Equipment: Hand grenades, a Uzi and a pistol.

Result of the operation: targeting Haj Mohsen

After committing the terrorist operation, while not knowing whether or not the target was killed, MKO elements escape the scene and keep the French media posted about their operation and the French AFP reflects the news enthusiastically…