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Once, Baathist officers came to receive a number of Kurd detainees. We got them on an IFA trucks and brought them, blindfolded and handcuffed, to the gates of the camp. Mehdi Abrishamchi (a high-ranking official of the organization) climbed the truck and pushed the detainees off the vehicle, using violence. Baathist officers also used maximum violence to take them to Saddam prisons. Mehdi Abrishamchi, wet-nursing, behaved the Kurds like animals.

Many of the MKO members raised questions about such activities, but no one was able to protest. During a meeting, Massoud Rajavi stated insolently: “in a recent meeting with Izzat Ibrahim, he appreciated our efforts and called the MKO the best friend of Iraqi government. He said they’re going to give us new armors and weapons to show their appreciation for the suppression of Kurd rebels.”

Rajavi called “Morvarid” a self-defense but he never explained the reason and logic behind the involvement of MKO in Iraq’s internal affairs and suppression of Saddam opponents. Of course, it was clear that there was no honesty in the explanations of Massoud Rajavi because everyone knew the consequences of Baghdad occupation by Kurds. Rajavi deceived members and said that Iranian revolutionary guards were in Kurdish clothes but soon all members found that there’s not even an Iranian Revolutionary among detainees or the dead. Therefore, Rajavi and his agents talked about “protecting the landlord (Saddam)”. In a meeting after Operation Morvarid, Rajavi said: “in this operation, we wanted to advance toward Tehran, but the master (Saddam) didn’t’ advise it!”

I don’t know what happened to Kurd detainees but after the fall of Saddam Hussein many mass graves-full of the bodies of these Kurds- were found. After Operation Morvarid, Mojahedin-e khalq has always been in fear of being subjected to the anger and revenge of Iraqi Kurds, therefore Rajavi tried to justify his crimes and win the satisfaction of Kurds but Iraqi Kurds or Shiites who had been attacked repeatedly by MKO never accepted it as a revolutionary freedom-seeking force. Some members of MKO were attacked by Kurds in Iraq and even after the fall of Saddam, ordinary Kurds killed a MKO commander (revenging the lives of innocent women and children killed by Mojahedin). It was so difficult for the MKO (after the operation) that they couldn’t go the cities without bodyguards. They asked for Baathists help when they wanted to go shopping in the city. MKO members were armed to teeth when going into cities. People looked at them with anger and hatred. Some Iraqis spat on them and were called “traitors”…

Today, years after massacring Kurds by MKO, memories are still agonizing me. Nightmares of destroyed villages and houses of the Kurds upset me. I can never forget the kids who burnt to ashes in the bosom of their mothers by the fire of MKO.

Indeed, why were they killed?


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