Martyr Mohammad Hassan Shekarchi

Son of: Sh’aban

Date of birth: May22, 1961

Place of birth: Zanjan

Age: 20

Education: Secondary education

Occupation: Police officer

Marital status: Single

Date of martyrdom: August 20, 1981

Martyr Mohammad Hassan Shekarchi son of Sha’aban was born on May22, 1961 in a middle-class family in Zanjan district of Shahrivar17th. He was the fifth child in the family and went to school until he finished secondary education. After finishing school he was employed by the police force. After the Islamic Revolution Muhammad Hassan joined the newly established Islamic Republic Party and showed a great competence from himself. During the night he had spent his time in protecting and guarding of the market until the start of the Iraqi imposed war against Iran when he went voluntarily to the war fronts to defend his country against the intruders.


After serving a few months in the first rows of war, martyr Shekarchi returned to Zanjan in order to stand against the MKO mercenaries who abused the war situation and intended to make the cities insecure. Finally Mohammad Hassan Shekarch was shot by to MKO terrorist elements while he was chasing them - who had just committed a terrorist operation - and was later martyred in hospital.

May God bless his soul…