Martyr Ali Oloumi

Son of Mahdi

Date of birth: September 30, 1969

Place of birth: Semnan

Age: 19

Education: High school diploma

Date of martyrdom: July 27, 1988

Place of martyrdom: Mersad

Martyr Ali Oloumi was born in a very religious family in Semnan on September 30, 1969. He started going to mosque together with his father from the very first years of his life. He passed the elementary and secondary education in Sadeghiye and Moharram schools and received high school diploma in Martyr Khalil Allah Bahrami high school.

As the war broke out between Iran and Iraq, Ali moved to war fronts together with his elder brother Abbas, while he was only 15, and at the same time he continued his studies.

Finally Ali Oloumi was martyred in Mersad operation by MKO terrorist elements who had intruded the country from inside Iraq July 27, 1988.