Martyr Ghodratollah Farzanepour

Date of birth: July 11, 1966

Place of birth: Semnan

Age: 22

Education: Diploma

Date of martyrdom: July 27, 1988

Place of Martyrdom: Gilan-e Gharb, Mersad operation


Martyr Ghodratollah Farzanepour was born in a village called Roknabad near the city of Semnan on July 11, 1988. He had three sisters and two brothers. Ghodratollah spent Elementary education in Mo’tamed and secondary education in Ershad guidance school in Rknabad and received his diploma in Haft-e Tir high school in Semnan.

Martyr Farzanepour had to work hard during summer vacations in order to save money for his education costs. After being granted the high school diploma he worked in a workshop for a while but was sent to active service and after passing the training courses he spent the rest of his active service in Islamic Revolution Committee in Semnan.

After serving nine months in the Islamic Revolution Committee Ghodratollah was dispatched to war fronts together with other warriors of Semnan in 1988 where he was martyred by MKO terrorist elements in Mersad operation in Gilan-e Gharb.