Martyr Hassan Askari

Date of Birth: 1943

Place of Birth: Lasht-e Nesha, Gilan

Age: 38

Marital Status: Married

Children: 1

Date of martyrdom: August 17, 1981


Martyr Sheikh Hassan Askari was born in a very religious family in Lasht-e Nesha in Northern Province of Gilan in 1943. There he grew up and went to school until he finished elementary school. Then he entered the Hawza (religious school for the clergy) in the town of Astaneye Ashrafiye and after that in Qom due to his devotion to Islam and religious issues.


In Qom he gradually became acquainted with the deep thoughts of Imam Khomeini and became a pupil of him while attending the anti-monarchy demonstrations and activities led by Imam Khomeini.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution and as the war broke out between Iran and Iraq, martyr Askari moved to the warfronts unhesitatingly to defend his country and sacred beliefs against the Iraqi Ba’athist regime of Saddam Hussein.

Finally martyr Hassan Askari was targeted and martyred by MKO terrorist elements in his own house on August 17, 1981.